23rd April 2007

    Hi! This is Amy Willson aboard the catamaran ‘Free spirit’.  Captain Russell
    Eddington and I are sailing from Galapagos Islands to Marquesas, South

    Personally, I am sailing from Europe around the world, via Caribbean,
    Panama, New Zealand, back home to South Africa and then back on up to
    Europe. I left from France last November and expect to arrive back in the
    Mediterranean in a couple of year’s time, after traveling New Zealand,
    Australia, Asia and Indonesia.

    Russell is owner and skipper of this boat and has sailed her from Brazil,
    where she was built, via Columbia.

    We have a fine breeze coming out of the South-East, trade winds found us
    at last. Swell is moderate, the sun is out and we are eating a tuna fish we
    caught yesterday. With 1437miles to the Marquesas, we are looking forward
    to touching land again after an aprox. 18days voyage.
    Hiking, horse back riding, scuba diving and surfing, as well as discovering
    the indigenous culture and people, are all activities that I am eagerly waiting
    to do in some of the most remote parts of the world.

    After these islands most boats will head down to the Tuamotu islands,
    Society (Tahiti), Cook islands, Samoan islands, Tonga or Fiji then down to
    New Zealand or across to Australia.
    I am hoping to be in the Samoa islands in July/August, were the South
    Pacific games are being held this year.

    Light and Love
    To whoever finds this message.

    Let me know if such an event of fate occurs:

    “Talk to the universe, listen for its reply.
    Be on intimate terms with nature, see life in everything.
    Carry yourself as a child of the universe.
    Let not your heart be not trouble nor let it be afraid.
    There is nothing like dreams to create the future,
    Utopia today,
    Flesh and blood tomorrow.”

    Best of luck with everything you take on in life!

    Amy Jaye Willson